Record Store Day 2015- My Shopping List

Record Store Day is coming up fast and for vinyl nerds that means saving your money, waking up super fucking early, and standing outside of your favorite record store fisting Red Bulls. Hoping that they got more than 3 copies of that limited to 500 record you’ve been dying to have since you found it while carefully looking through “The List” this year. If only you could make those three people in front of you in line disappear so they don’t have a chance to swipe it off the shelves before you do.

The struggle of Record Store Day is real.

If you’re one of these vinyl nerds you know that most of the time you don’t even get the vinyl you wanted the most because of its Record Store Day “Exclusivity”. This year there are many great exclusives and first day releases, making my Record Store Day shopping list longer than ever. I’ve been lazy in the past. Not really looking through the list thoroughly and then finding out day of that I really would have liked to have some of the exclusive records i didn’t even know about. I didn’t make that mistake this year. I did my research and I’m here to share it with you.

Granted, we may not have the same taste in music. But that is why I am treating this list like I’m a rich ass bitch who buys all the vinyl. Who has a mansion with a room dedicated to vinyl. With wall to wall record cases like you can buy from ikea and top of the line record players. Yes players with an s. I’m rich, jeez.

In real life I am hoping to walk away with at least 5 of these. I will be leaving town for Atlanta 2 days after Record Store Day and I can’t be spending all of my mini vacation money on vinyl. Gotta save some dough for some Farm Burger & Sleater-Kinney swag.

This (and every) Record Store Day I will be shopping at my favorite local record store- Daddy Kool Records. Located in downtown St.Petersburg, Florida. The most hardcore of all record stores, recently surviving being sucked into the pits of hell. This record store has been around since 1985, and after a little recent reconstruction is still standing at 666 Central Avenue.

Behold My Record Store Day shopping list! (In order of what I want the most)

#1 Run The Jewels 12″– Not even an exclusive release. I’ve just become so obsessed with this band since my bro bro, Robbie convinced me to go see them on a whim last time I was in Atlanta. If you haven’t heard them, you’re missing out. Killer Mike & EL-P all day!418456371535

#2 Brand New: Deja Entendu Reissue– I have wanted this album on vinyl forever. I have not been able to afford the going rate of $300+ for the first pressing. Again, not an exclusive. But I believe there will be an exclusive version that comes in a paper bag and has some stickers, a patch and a lyric book. Sounds good to me. I’ll take it!

#3 Rocky Horror Picture Show 10″– Who doesn’t love doing The Time Warp?….. Again? I’m excited to dance around my house naked to this one. ;p

#4 Death Cab For Cutie: Bad Reputation 7″– One of the Side by Side releases, Death Cab covering Freedy Johnstons song Bad Reputation. The Side by sides are all really cool. They are original versions of iconic songs on one side and a signature cover of the same song on the other. They’re all really cool colored vinyl as well. I wonder what the mystery side by side will be this year!!!

#5 Citizen Dick 7″– This holds the single of a fictional band from the movie “Singles” featuring members of the real life band Pearl Jam. I have yet to see this movie, but I love Pearl Jam. This is mainly a buy for my boyfriend Adam but I am excited to watch a 90’s grunge movie and head bang to some “Touch Me I’m Dick”!

#6 J Dilla 7″– “Fuck the Police” picture disk? Ummm….yes! J Dilla was one of the music industries most influential hip-hop artists. Honor the man and say “Fuck the Police”!tumblr_nl2230NxUL1ruy2ebo1_1280

#7 KMD CD Box Set– This is for reals a Pop-up book. Like a little gangsta child is gunna buy himself this shit. Well, I’ll be a little gangsta child for this shit. It comes with 2 CDs and a 7″ picture disk of “What a Nigga Know.” Is my love for 90s Hip Hop showing yet? I’ve always been a fan but I’ve recently had a craving for more and more old school hip hop and this Record Store Day is really helping with that.418456384781

#8 Tim Kasher & Chris Farren 7″– Both of these dudes have incredibly different voices and I can’t wait to hear the new songs they wrote and traded off on singing. Tim Kasher is from the band Cursive who I just recently saw live. He puts on a great show and really seems to be on my level when it comes to hating the world and the people in it. Chris Farren is a musician. We will just leave it at that because that’s pretty much all know about him.

#Some weird stuff, some terrible stuff, and some awesomely shaped stuff

*Future User 12″- This is a new project by bassist of Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave, Tim Commerford. This album is titled… wait for it…. #SteroidsOrHeroin. Ugh, it’s so terrible that I cannot even describe it. Mr. Commerford describes it as “Progtronic”, a mix of electronic and prog rock. The part of this release that intrigues me is that the vinyl comes in two colors: Clear & “Blood Red” which was literally made using Tom Commerford’s blood. The best part is, there were more of the blood vinyl made than the clear vinyl. How much blood did he use to do this?! Will this record cost an arm and a leg like the Flaming Lips bloody release in 2012? I hope not, because I want it. Terrible sounding or not. I’ll just pop some molly and watch some blood spin around in circles….. that sounds dark and demented. I apologize.

You’re welcome.

*RPM Turntable Baseball- Do you have a great imagination? Pretend to play baseball while you drop your needle on a groove to see if you got a hit or a strike! Check out the really sweet, really cheesy video for the game here. 

#Some totally sweet stuff

*Polaris Lp– Music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete! What?! Shiittttt, I didn’t know there was a band dedicated to writing  songs for Pete & Pete! I have to check this out.

*Better Call Saul 7″- The full song that plays in the intro to the show. Saul’s Theme song on vinyl! Sweet.

*Vampire Weekend 12″- The song “Step” is amazing. It’s on this record 3 times! Hot shit! On white vinyl too!

Theres also the things listed below but I have nothing to say about them other than I want them. But for free. Cause money don’t grow on tree bitches!

An LP from the movie Frank, Pianos Become the Teeth 7″ white/blue/clear swirl vinyl, Cloud Nothings 12″, WuTang Clan 12″, Tegan and Sarah 12″ aqua blue vinyl, Garbage 10″ Fluorescent orange-colored vinyl, a Mighty Mighty Bosstones LP, a Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, a Lego Movie soundtrack & an Orange is the New Black soundtrack. Of course there’s a million limited classics like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Rivers, Willie Nelson, etc. As much as I appreciate those people. I don’t often find myself craving to listen their music on a regular basis.

My point is, there is so much shit coming out this record store day. It’s all great and there’s something for everyone. So get out there and support you local record store by coming out to Record Store Day on April 18th!

I wanna hear about what you guys are excited about this Record Store Day.



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