Beyond the Cape: Batgirl and the State of Women in Comics

Great review of the State of women in comics. As I believe that there was and continues to be a problem with how women are treated in all types of entertainment media, there does seem to be an effort for improvement. I don’t believe however that there is a problem with making these superhero women/ comic book characters look sexy. Most male superheroes are made to look sexy or visually perfect in some aspects. If theres a big issue with big breasted women in scantaly clad clothing, why is there not a problem with buff ass superman, the arrow or any male superhero you can think of. To a women, most aspects of these heroes are hot and sexual. The new batgirl is a good medium. She may not be classified as “sexy” without the double d sized breasts but she’s now cute, and pretty. Can they play that off in the storyline? Can they make such a sweet innocent looking hero be a badass when it comes down to it?

On a different note, The Killing Joke cover should have been released as a variant. We all know women in the past and present are not being treated rightly in all media, but that doesn’t me we can’t appreciate the stories of the past. That doesn’t mean we support that kind of conduct in everyday life. The cover was badass in the least and I would love to own it.

The Nerds of Color

by CG | Originally posted at Black Girl in Media

[Trigger warning in these posts for mention & discussion of: sexual violence, molestation, rape, and violence against women]

Fiction always reflects the cultural temperature of the times. This could be a good thing, and sometimes be a great thing. But most of the time, it leads to us uncovering not so pleasant parts of our society. Comics have always been an accessible part of that cultural narrative, as their mix of visual and written storytelling have led to them being embraced by fans for decades. Comics and superhero culture are very much at the center of dictating societal norms.

So when we have instances of dictating women’s dress, allowing for female oppression and violence against women for book sales, the issue goes beyond just the individual books or characters in question. It’s about questioning the system that we’ve allowed for…

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