My life through live music

Hi, my name is Amber. Or Pimpson. I like to go by Pimpson. It makes me feel way cooler than I am. Like a Pimp, you know? I mean, maybe not literally. I would probably be pretty great at literal pimping though. Like that show Hung! Have you seen it? This chick is literally the main character’s pimp in the show. I could do it. Id be a great pimp. Anyways, back on topic. But keep that in mind hot men who wanna get paid for sex out there.

That video you just watched (or didn’t watch, whatever floats your fuckin boat. You don’t need to watch it to read the rest of this post. I know its really fucking long and you will probably hate some of the bands. But hey, this is my story. Humor me. Skip through it at the very least.) is a compilation of one minute clips from most of the shows i went to in the year 2014. The one thing I learned while making this video is that I really fucking wish that phones took such great quality videos back in the day. When i say back in the day I mean the late 90s, early 2000s. I guess, I’m terrible with the concept of time. I took a million shitty quality pictures of bands with my disposable camera back then. You never knew if your pictures were going to come out with a thumb smack dab in the middle of the shot. Most of mine did. I was a failure at photography as a teenager. But somehow I managed to get a few decent shots. Shots where you could barely tell who the band was. But now everyone is an expert photographer simply by owning a fancy shmancy smart phone. If only I could have had a fancy fucking iPhone and a Mac book to accurately document my life through live music back then.

I’m starting here and now. Every year I will make a video like this documenting the good, the bad and the fucking fantastic shows I went to. Some of these shows could change my life! I can’t say it hasn’t happened before. Maybe those times weren’t always directly caused by the band itself or their performance, but it was the live music experience in the least. Thats what I crave on a regular basis. That live show rush. Don’t get me wrong. There are a million things I hate about live shows and when I list them in my head it makes me wonder why I get such a lady hard on for live shows. Maybe I’m just getting old. But I will never stop attending shows, and the smaller the venue the better. 🙂

I am now going to list the shows that I went to in 2014. Most of them are featured in this video. All videos were taken with my iPhone. A few are from my old 5s. You can tell which videos were filmed with my old phone by the audio quality. The rest were filmed with my precious iPhone 6. The shows listed that are not featured in the video were not left out because I happened to not take a video during that show. What am I, a barbarian? ;p The rest of the videos got lost in what I can only assume is the invisible internet conveyor belt between my iPhone 5 and My Cloud hard drive. Somehow my pictures transferred over fine. But I was asking for too much with videos. Anyhow, they probably weren’t that great of quality anyways. Thanks for listening to my nonsense with your eye brains. (Don’t judge me! I typed out listening before my brain caught up with me and said “People are reading this shit not listening. Idiot! Pshhh. Bye Felicia!”)

  1. Chvrches- Gun
  2. Chvrches- Tether
  3. St. Vincent- Surgeon Guitar Solo
  4. UNRB- Fubar
  5. Foxing- The Medic
  6. Brand New- Mix Tape
  7. Death From Above 1979- White is Red
  8. Run the Jewels- Lie, Cheat, Steal
  9. Modern Baseball- Your Graduation
  10. Cayetana- Dirty Laundry
  11. Modern Baseball- The Old Gospel Choir
  12. Rave of Thrones- Really though? Are there names to rave show songs? (Game Of Thrones Theme)
  13. Modest Mouse- The World At Large
  14. Nine Inch Nails- Closer
  15. Coheed and Cambria- A Favor House Atlantic
  16. Prawn- Scud Running
  17. Outkast
  18. The Faint
  19. You Blew It
  20. Queens of the Stone Age (2 shows)
  21. Mustard Plug
  22. Cloud Nothing
  23. Pianos Become The Teeth

Some day I will tell you some stories centered around these shows. But this blog won’t strictly be about music. Heres a good 6 word summary of me so you know what to look forward to in the future. Gamer, Stoner, Concert Goer, Movie Theater Manager…. Fuck it. Figure it out for your self. Keep reading.

Food Porn of the week goes tooooooooo:



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